Aimee Hernandez is a local design gem. Born in Michigan, Aimee moved to California after graduating from Michigan State University in 1998. Through several strategic career moves, Aimee gained invaluable experience in business development, marketing, and management. These skills have proven instrumental in starting her own business. Over the years, Aimee has honed her design skills and developed her business that knows no bounds.

Aimee has extensive experience from design to construction concepts and a keen sense for aesthetics. Her expert services include space planning, cabinetry elevations, lighting layout, and fixtures and finishes selection (including fabrics and furniture) for both residential and commercial spaces.

Aimee regularly updates her social media pages with cooking updates that test and perfect new recipes. She hosts fabulous dinner parties where she seamlessly entertains anywhere from 6 to 30 guests, and she creates elaborate cakes for any occasion. These are just a few talents that show the broad range of skills and talent that Aimee brings to her clients. Aimee touts the easy flow and clean-up of her own kitchen as a reflection of her ability to plan a well-organized kitchen and lay out cabinetry efficiently.

While Aimee focuses on home design and décor, her skills extend beyond the day-to-day of designing a space. She is a lifestyle designer who can expertly sew almost anything, effortlessly bake a delicious dessert, and easily create a stunning atmosphere for any occasion.

Aimee also has knowledge and personal skill in woodworking, which gives her the ability to think like a cabinet maker while designing to her client’s individual needs. She thinks like a cook, a mother, an entertainer, and a housekeeper, with a sharp eye for functionality. She designs layouts based on client’s specific requirements and the ease of function, rather than simply ease of construction.

Aimee lives in the charming neighborhood of Land Park in Sacramento with her adorable son, Alex. She has helped clients across the country, from California to Michigan.




"Aimee is wonderful to work with and always very professional, timely, organized and uses the allotted appointment time very efficiently. She has a great understanding of construction, recognizing potential complications and working through them before the construction phase, which saves a lot of money."

— Molly

"Great design work on a extensive whole house remodel. Provided several options for our space plan which was terrific. Everything turned out beautiful and we couldn't be happier with our layout and increased square footage that was added!"

— Gavin

"We never felt she rushed or controlled us, but at the same time she was a gentle force. She was the perfect fit for us."

— Janet & Michael

"Aimee is the best! She is professional, committed, enthusiastic and fun to work with. She absolutely listened to my opinion, but she also pushed me a little to think outside the box. I liked that! Our Casita turned out perfectly!"

— Lisa

"Aimee helped me make countless decisions on my kitchen, laundry, and bath remodel. I was so nervous to make decisions that were costly and permanent. While I had a vision for how I wanted my space to feel, I didn't know how to make it happen. Aimee was able to bring my vision to life and help me make the final decisions. She also was really good at watching our budget and telling me where it was important to spend money, and where it was ok to choose a less expensive option."

— Valerie