Aimee Hernandez Design is a full-service residential design firm

specializing in efficient, affordably luxurious solutions for your home.

Sierra Oaks Whole House Remodel

Thinking about remodeling your home?

Involving a designer early in the planning stages will save you time and money by having an organized plan of attack. Aimee Hernandez Design is a full-service residential design firm specializing in efficient, affordably luxurious solutions for your home. Services include: space planning for remodels and additions; engineering & construction document coordination; cabinetry elevations; lighting, appliance, & plumbing fixtures selection; as well as paint, furniture, & accessories selection. We are also available on a consulting basis for all your needs, from walkthroughs while considering a home to purchase, design review of existing plans, or site visits during important stages of construction to help ensure the project is done right. We can tailor our relationship to fit your needs!

Aimee and Taige are the talented designers at Aimee Hernandez Design, ready to tackle your next home project, no matter the size. From full remodels and large additions to simply sprucing up your decor, their experience and strengths complement each other, helping to make your project a wonderful success! Our first meeting will be a one-hour consultation (billed at an hourly rate and payable at time of consultation), during which time we will learn about your needs and will provide input as you tour the project and review any plans you may already have. We will discuss your expectations and will answer any questions you have. We encourage you to start compiling photos of homes/rooms/styles you like. While we get a feel for the type of living you do, we can also review past client work and discuss your initial budget and timeline. Budget is the most important part of the design process and the one thing clients hesitate to discuss. Your budget does not have to be exact, but you will need to have an idea of a range you are comfortable spending. If the sky’s the limit, then you can turn us loose on the design, but it almost never is and we can help you be realistic with the numbers, as well as find creative ways to stretch the budget.

After our consultation, you can decide whether you would like to continue working with us for as little as a design review of any current plans you may have to full project management throughout your remodel. Either way, we are available on an hourly basis for as long or as little as you need us! To start, your only commitment will be the one-hour consultation, from which you will walk away with plenty of ideas. What are you waiting for?

We look forward to helping you with your remodel project!

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